March 2020

Start of a formal collaboration with Bit Bio (Cambridge) and LIMS (London) on the mathematical modellling of cell reprogramming

March 2020

Replica analysis of overfitting in generalized linear models (Coolen et al, submitted to Journal of Physics A)

January 2020

HER2-HER3 heterodimer quantification by FRET-FLIM and patient subclass analysis of the COIN colorectal trial (Barber et al, Journal of the National Cancer Institute)

October 2019

Analysis of overfitting in the regularized Cox model (Sheikh and Coolen, Journal of Physics A)

March 2019

Accurate Bayesian data classification without hyperparameter cross-validation (Sheikh and Coolen, Journal of Classification)

November 2018

The SaddlePoint Signature analytics pipeline is installed at Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam (Dept of Epidemiology).

August 2018

Heterogeneity in risk of prostate cancer: A Swedish population-based cohort study of competing risks and Type 2 diabetes mellitus (Haggstrom et al, Int J Cancer)

July 2018

the EU consortium RGS@home, in which SaddlePoint Science is the analytics partner, has been awarded an EIT Health grant (ranked 2nd out of 175 applications). RGS@home will start early 2019.​

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